EMN Inform: “In-cash In-kind in voluntary return assistance in Member States”, November 2014

In accordance with the Return Directive (2008/115/EC) return decisions provides 30-day period of voluntary departure within which migrants have to leave the European territory at their own expense. However, not all migrants subject to this obligation have either the financial resources or the will to voluntarily depart from the EU and to pay for it themselves. According to EU Return policy, voluntary return is the preferred option and considered as more respectful in view of the migrants’ fundamental rights and more cost-effective than forced return. Member States have developed different programmes to encourage voluntary departure (including from detention) and to support reintegration in the country of return of migrants. Following the adoption of the Return Directive and with the support of the Return Fund, such programmes have become more widespread across the EU. This document is based on the review of 96 such programmes implemented by 27 Member States. It draws an overview of the different forms of incentives to return and of reintegration assistance provided across Europe. It identifies the actors involved in funding, implementing and receiving return and reintegration assistance and finally, assesses the impact of these programmes on the overall development of the EU Return Policy and highlights the challenges for the coming years. Please see more EMN_REG_Inform – In-cash In-kind assistance, 2014.