EMN Inform: “Member States’ entry bans policy and use of EU readmission agreements”, December 2014

Document summaries the main findings of the EMN Main Study on Good practices in the return and reintegration of migrants: Member States’ entry bans policy &use of readmission agreements between Member States and third countries (EMN Study and SI national report are available at domain Publikacije). The study was based on contribution of EMN National Contact Points and 24 Member States (Slovenia included), plus Norway. For the credibility of the EU common migration and asylum policy and in the fight against irregular migration, it is crucial that those who do not, or who no longer, fulfil the conditions for entry, stay or residence in a Member State are effectively returned, respecting their fundamental rights and dignity. Return policy has proved to be difficult to implement in practice, and a large gap exists between return decisions and the number of returns effected – fewer than half of the return decisions taken in the EU are carried out in practice. The document briefly introduces the main findings of the study’s aims and presents an analysis of (Member) States’ use of entry bans and readmission agreements with a specific focus on their practical application and effectiveness, whilst also identifying good practices in their use, including possible synergies, in the implementation of return and reintegration measures. Please see more EMN_Inform_Return_Entrybans_Readmission Agreements Final_December2014.