EMN publication “Understanding Migration in the European Union”, May 2018

To mark the 10 year anniversary of the European Migration Network, this Anniversary Report takes stock of and presents key trends in asylum and migration flows and policy development over the last 10 years. The Report opens by highlighting how immigration has become an issue of increasing importance to publics across the EU over time, and how sentiments towards immigration from outside the EU have changed as the result of the war in Syria and other crises in the region, emphasising the importance of good migration management to ensure public confidence. The Report then explores how key European migration and asylum policies have evolved over the 10 year period, adapting to the recent migration crisis, whilst managing the long term needs of both host populations and migrants. The Report highlights the main contributions that the EMN has made in this context. The information base for this analysis is drawn from 10 successive EMN Annual Reports on Asylum and Migration and Status Reports, EMN Studies and ad-hoc queries collecting information on a wide range of asylum and migration topics, EMN Informs, briefing papers and other documents developed by the EMN during the 10 year period (2008-2018). Importantly, the Report shows how the EMN consistently meets the evolving needs of its audiences over time, to provide them with timely, high quality, impartial and comparative information that is not available elsewhere.

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thumbnail of EMN 10th Anniversary Report