Report on the Work of the Migration Office for 2017

A document introduce the main activities of the Migration Office and on the area of migration and asylum policy in 2017.  In 2017 there were some changes in organisation and work of the Migration Office since the Government of the Republic of Slovenia established the Government Office for the Care and Integration of Migrants by means of an ordinance. With the commencement of the Office’s operations, certain tasks within the competence of the Migration Office, the provision of material aid and the coordination of implementation of other rights of applicants for international protection, including psychosocial care and the provision of rights and implementation of integration measures of persons granted international protection, were transferred to it. However, the planning and implementation of migration policy, which includes the areas of regular migration, international protection and integration of foreigners and persons under international protection, the preparation and coordination of measures for implementing migration policy and preparing proposals of normative acts from the field of work of the Office will remain the tasks of the Migration Office, which is part of the Internal Administrative Affairs, Migration and Naturalisation Directorate (DUNZMN). In 2017, the Migration Office collaborated with other state authorities, Social Work Centres, administrative units, courts, international and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). In addition to statistical data, the report presents some of the more important activities carried out by the Migration Office in 2017.

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