EMN Study “Labour Market Integration”, February 2019

The effective integration of first generation migrants from third countries into European host societies is a important and increasingly pressing challenge now faced by EU Member States. While overall unemployment rates in the EU have been decreasing steadily since 2014, there remains a persistent gap between the unemployment rate of nationals from third-countries when compared with native and EU-born populations. Why does this situation persist? What obstacles do first generation third-country nationals face when looking for a job in the EU? What approaches are Member States taking to help these migrants to integrate into the labour market and society at large, and were these policies impacted by the 2014-2016 migration influx? What are the main challenges for both the public and private sectors in designing and implementing such policies, and which initiatives have proved to be the most effective, and why?

Slovenian National Contact Point together with the Ministry of the Interior, Police and the Ministry for Labour contributed to the EMN study. National report was made with cooperation of selected external provider the Legal-informational Centre for NGOs.

The EMN Study on Labour Market Integration of Third-Country Nationals in EU Member States, providing a comprehensive picture based on information collected from 26 Member States, sets out to answer some of these questions. The key learning points are the following;
1.) Integration programmes are more successful when funding is sustained through long term structural national funding.
2.) Setting clear targets focusing on the impact of integration measures rather than on the effectiveness of their implementation could contribute significantly to the evaluation of initiatives and the identification of good practices.
3.) The private sector is a valuable complement to national labour market integration strategies by implementing approaches that facilitate the integration of third country national employees

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National Report:
SI EMN Study “Labour Market Integration of TCN”, 2018