Report on the work of the Migration Office for 2018

This is the Report on the Work of the Migration Office for 2018, which highlights key achievements and statistical data on legal migration and international protection. The Report comprises the most important activities regarding amendments to legislation on migration, international protection, the drawing of European funds and the inclusion of citizens of third countries into Slovenian society, and regarding the establishment of an inter-ministerial working group on preparing and implementing the migration strategy of the Republic of Slovenia. In 2018, the Migration Office cooperated with the competent state authorities and civil society organisations. Representatives of the Migration Office participated in the preparation of various documents and legislative proposals on legal migrations and international protection within EU institutions, the European Asylum Support Office, the European Migration Network, the national contact point for integration and partner international organisations. The tasks of the Migration Office, which is part of the Internal Administrative Affairs, Migration and Naturalization Directorate (DUNZMN), are to plan and implement the migration policy, prepare and coordinate proposals for measures to implement the migration policy, and to prepare proposals for normative acts from the Office’s field of work. The competences of the Migration Office also include 12 conducting procedures and decision making in administrative matters at first and second instance in the field of residence permits for foreigners, determining financial compensation for persons erased from the Register of Permanent Residents, granting beneficiary status and granting international protection.

For more information on activities of the Migration Office in 2018 and Slovenian National Contact Point EMN please click on document Report on the work of the Migration Office for 2018.